Do you have severe pain caused by arthritis?  A joint replacement in St. Johns, IN is the best option to replace your damaged joint that limits your normal daily activities.  Joint replacement is a process of removing your damaged joint and replacing it with an artificial joint.  The hips and knees are the most common for joint replacement surgery but it is also applicable for shoulder, ankles and even finger joints.

Some older adults will usually start to experience arthritis when they start to reach the age of 40.  Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects the lining of the joints.  Thereby, patients will feel painful swelling that can result to bone erosion and deformity of the joint.  Your doctor may recommend a joint replacement surgery to treat arthritis.  The determining factors for a joint replacement surgery are the following:

  • Daily intolerable pain from the damaged joint
  • You have trouble getting around because of joint pain

If you continue to experience persistent discomfort and swelling with your joints, schedule an appointment with Dr. Keith Pitchford who is an orthopedic surgeon in St. John.  Patients of joint replacement may walk the day after the surgery and after leaving the hospital a physical therapy treatment may be recommended but there are some physical treatment exercises that you can do at your own convenience at home.

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