The Fall into
Health Summit

All Day FREE Event

Saturday, October 22nd

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What would you love to do if you were physically healthier this Holiday season?

Temperatures have turned cooler… The leaves have started turning into magnificent fall colors. The Holiday season is just
right around the corner. It’s one of my favorite times of the year… A wonderful time to spend and reconnect with family
and friends.

Is something worrying you…
…your neck and back pain…those pounding headaches…your sciatica?
…your lack of strength…your instability, your dizziness, your fear of falling?
…your shoulder issues…your knee, foot, and ankle pain?

…what if you continue to miss out on family gatherings… or maybe you are there physically but not fully well to enjoy it?
…in the process disappointing your spouse, your kids, or grandkids…most of all yourself!
…and you start taking more pain pills than you care to admit, just to get by

Know that you have options… And a better alternative and outcome over your worries and fears.

So what’s the RISK you’re taking on for not attending?
1. Long-term side effects of pain-killers and medications (the list is
too long to put here)
2. Unnecessary surgery
3. Loss of mobility and independence
4. Remain “grouchy”
5. Wasted autumn, the Holiday season, and maybe even all of 2023
Bonus door prizes, FREE food, and healthy snacks for the event.

Reserve your spot NOW for The FREE Fall
into Health Summit All Day Event. Limited
to only 30 badges for each class. You may
attend more than one class.

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