Since that time Wilhelm Röntgen discovered it in 1895, X-ray has come a long way in terms of functionality to human society. Understandably, X-ray has become quite advanced as well in terms of features and in showing results. But for the staff and medical specialists at Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, X-rays still retain their eternally priceless function: diagnostic imaging of bone structures.

Engaged in General Orthopedic and Sports Medicine for more than 10 years now, Great Lakes Orthopedics finds it no-brainer to introduce On-Site X-ray Services to its growing client base in the greater Northwest Indiana region. This service will provide immediate diagnostic assessment of injured body parts: detecting such musculoskeletal system injuries from sports injuries to rotator cuff tears. This advanced X-ray service spells Speed and Efficiency in providing diagnostic results.

Moreover, Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine located in Northwest Indiana has film-less imaging at each of their two locations, which means everything is electronic, fast, and convenient. This X-ray service is actually part of Great Lakes Orthopedics’ Integrated System. Hence, after capturing a radiographic image (x-ray). The x-ray is then digitized and transmitted to the physician onsite review workstation for immediate review of the body part being x-rayed. The Orthopedics Specialists will then identify any potential damage or fracture to the body part or area exhibiting pain or reduced capability. If ever there is any problem, potential solutions can be immediately given.

Indeed, these X-ray services are available for all interested and those who can visit Great Lakes Orthopedics state-of-the-art facility in St. John, IN. Indeed, these services are in line with Great Lakes’ ultimate mission to provide the highest quality health care.

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