Our St. John, Indiana office is one of the area’s leaders when it comes to providing physical therapy services.  The physical therapists on our staff work closely with our patients to help restore and maintain their physical fitness and wellness by enabling them to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Physical therapy aims to provide services and tools to restore your functionality and mobility following stress or injury.  Our physical therapy services can also provide pain relief and prevent future injury. While a variety of patients will benefit from physical therapy services, we often see great improvement in our patients who suffer from fractures, arthritis, head injuries, back pain and athletic injuries.

When you visit our office for treatment, a physical therapist will review your health history and perform a series of tests to determine your current range of motion, mobility and pain. Once your current level of health is determined then your physical therapist will help develop a treatment plan to improve your condition.

If you are ready to get back on the road to optimal health with physical therapy treatment, contact Great Lakes Orthopedics and Sports Medicine for more information today.