With about 5,500 bone breaks that occur on a daily basis due to osteoporosis, that means over two million osteoporosis-related bone fractures in America each year. It also means a lot of bone breakage and fractures – thus, making osteoporosis the most significant bone disease in America. The sadder part is that the bone malady is also considered a silent disease, as “only 2 in 10 bone breaks get a follow-up test or treatment for osteoporosis”.

For these reasons and with its passion for compassionate patient care, Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine joins the National Bone Health Alliance-led initiative for stronger bones among Americans – the initiative is called “2 Million 2 Many”. The initiative specifically aims for more widespread awareness on osteoporosis test and treatment – and ultimately, to identify the signs of bone weakness to prevent unnecessary fractures.

Characterized by weakened and fragile bone tissue that lead to higher risks of bone breakage, osteoporosis may occur as early as the age of 50 but the disease can be treated properly if done at its early stage. The simple and painless osteoporosis test could go a long way to assess bone density, predict risk for future bone breakage, and look for effective medication in a particular patient. There is no need for one’s life to be shattered or be broken bone by bone – as long as on-time test and intervention are executed.

As its first major move in line with “2 Million 2 Many” initiative, Great Lakes Orthopedics has recently introduced its new patient focused service known as, The Healthy Bone Clinic. The service will be open to all patients as a pathway to help improve their Bone Health. Board Certified Physician Assistant Timothy B. Williams, PA-C is the Healthy Bone Clinic patient advocate provider.

To get started, fill out this free Healthy Bone Clinic Assessment Survey.

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