Often not thought about until something goes wrong, a person’s wrists are one of the most important joints in their body.  Maintaining healthy mobility within the wrist allows patients to continue to grasp objects, lift or carry things, and push or pull even the smallest of items. Most daily task cannot be completed without a proper functioning wrist.

Wrist stability is dependent upon the carpal bones and the muscles attached to them. Many patients begin to experience mobility issues within their wrists as a result of age, overuse, injury or even pregnancy.  Common symptoms of changes to your wrists mobility may include pain, weakness, swelling and popping or snapping while in use. Patients of all backgrounds and ages are susceptible to wrist injuries. Whether you sit at a computer all day or swing a hammer all day, you could very easily suffer from the same carpel bone condition.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to seek professional evaluation before your condition progresses.  Many injuries can be successfully treated with anti-inflammatory medications, taping, braces or physical therapy. In some instances, surgery may be the only option. Rest assured that if surgery is required, it is typically simple and offer quick relief and recovery.

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