Knee injuries are the most common reason for visiting an orthopaedic surgeon.  If you are residing in Indiana, you can visit the Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C. for your knee problems or injuries.  St. John meniscal tear repair can be handled more efficiently with Dr. Keith Pitchford who is a sports medicine doctor in St. John, IN.  Meniscal tear repair can be your option for a swelling, painful and locking knee after a careful diagnosis by Dr. Pitchford that may include an examination of the knee, x-ray and MRI scan.

What is a Meniscus?

Meniscus or menisci is a soft cartilage tissue that serves to cushion the knee and it acts as a shock absorber in the knee joint during motion such as in sports.

What is Meniscal Tear?

A meniscal tear is a very common injury that occurs in different types of sports such as rugby, football and skiing. You may tear a meniscus by a forceful knee movement either as a large tear or a small tear that can greatly affect the bending motion of the knee or instability of the knee.  Patients with a meniscal tear may be unable to straighten their knees fully, feel a knee lock and may notice some clicking on the knees when they walk and this can be accompanied with pain and swelling.

Will it heal without surgery?

An athlete or a player with a meniscal tear can continue playing after the injury but may feel pain after a day accompanied with swelling and stiffness of the knee.  A professional orthopedic surgeon can diagnose the severity of the knee injury.  Usually it is the large tear of the meniscus that will require a surgery treatment.  A small tear may usually heal by themselves in time.  Some injuries may require physiotherapy depending on the findings of an orthopedic or sports medicine doctor.

What treatment option is available?

Arthroscopy consisting of simple trimming, repair or replacement of the meniscus is a treatment option provided by Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C.  Dr. Pitchford with this type of treatment can look inside the knee joint by using an arthroscope with a light source to magnify the structures inside the joint.  Special instruments will be used to cut or trim inside the joint.

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