To achieve comprehensive and more intensive rehabilitation of its patients, Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine utilizes the most advanced medical tools and equipment. In fact, some orthopedic procedures can be considered as technology assisted or guided – this mechanism is to provide more accurate and faster patient care services.

One of the latest offering of this kind of technology assisted procedures is the use of on-site ultrasound procedures. Available at Great Lakes Orthopedics’ two locations in both Crown Point and St John, the ultrasound guided procedures presently include:
– Platelet rich plasma injections (PRP),
– Hylauronate (euflexxa) injections,
– Cortisone injections, and
– Therapeutic/diagnostic imaging of injured areas of the body.

The orthopedically injured areas may include the elbows, shoulders, and knees. The PRP and Hylauronate injections, in particular, can be applied in identified joints or muscle/tendon locations to aid in the reduction of pain and assist in the process of faster healing.

Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is a team, led by well-respected Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Keith Pitchford, composed of ortho surgeons, physiotherapists and fitness experts that work in close coordination with one another involving, generally, physical therapy and fitness regimen. Catering mainly the greater Northwest Indiana region, Great Lakes’ latest service offering is known as The Healthy Bone Clinic, which is in line with the national initiative for greater awareness on the treatment of osteoporosis and better bone health among each American.

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