Your ankles are some of the post important joints in your entire body. Your ankles help bear most of the weight for your entire body and keep you upright. Because your ankles are responsible for so much of your body weight, and because of their thin structure, your ankles are also incredibly prone to injury. Millions of patients seek medical care for their ankles every year with injuries ranging from sprains to full fractures.

It is important to work hard at strengthening your ankles not just to avoid injury but also to prevent a future injury. Did you know that once you injure your ankle you are more likely to repeat the injury?

The good news is that Great Lakes Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has a highly trained staff of physicians and physical therapist who are able to help you keep your ankle joints strong and high functioning.

If you have an existing ankle injury it is important to only undergo physical therapy under the advice of a trained professional. Levels of physical therapy available for strengthening your ankle joints include:

  • Non-weight bearing exercises.

  • Resistance exercises.

  • Weight-bearing exercises (only under the advice of a doctor or therapist).

If you’ve injured your ankle and are in need of strength training and recovery, contact Great Lakes Orthopedics and Sports Medicine today to get back on track.