Unless you work on a farm or your job entails heavy labor or construction, chances are you go from sitting all day, to sitting on the sofa at night, to heading off to bed. If you have stiff joints, sore shoulders, and a tight, achy back, you’re not alone. More and more people are seeking treatment for these complaints.

Maybe you sit at a computer all day, in a hunched position, your posture suffering. Bad posture while sitting or standing can directly affect your shoulders, neck and back. Just sitting upright in a chair for long periods can wreck your alignment, especially if it’s a chair without lumbar support.

“Stand up straight” – sound familiar? Your mom probably bugged you about it as a way of holding yourself straight and tall. If you are a “sloucher,” your back rounds, your head tilts forward and with it, your shoulders.

Slouching can make you more prone to tendonitis, rotator cuff pain or arthritis. And…slouching makes you look older.

Good Sitting Posture:
Starting at the top of your head, your ears should be over your shoulders, and your shoulders should be over your hips in a fairly straight line. Your chair does make a difference. Your lower back should be supported by an ergonomic chair that fits you or one that has a lumbar cushion.
When you sit at your desk, your knees should bend at 90-degrees and your feet should be flat on the floor. Your elbows should bend at 90-degrees, your wrists should remain neutral, and your eyes should be slightly cast downward.

Good Standing Posture:
For good standing, posture keep a straight line from your head to your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Reach your head high, lengthen your neck and gently pull in your chin. Work at consciously keeping your abdominal muscles tight. Keep your shoulder blades down and back, and don’t lock your knees.

Have someone take a picture of you, standing, from the side. You will be able to easily evaluate your posture.

There are many stretches and exercises that can counteract the effects of improper sitting and standing. Want to know more? Call us for a consultation, today!