As you age, you will be more susceptible to repetitive strain injury(RSI) although there are some high risks jobs that require fast and repetitive movements for a long period of time that can trigger overuse injuries.  Occupational RSI treatment in St. Johns, IN is one of the fortes of Dr. Keith Pitchford as a certified orthopedic surgeon in St. Johns’ Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C.

High Risk Jobs

Repetitive Strain Injury can be caused by a variety of tasks that primarily consist of a forceful and repetitive activity or even by your prolonged bad posture.  RSI is usually associated with doing a repetitive activity for a long period of time.  It can occur in people who carry out their work in manual labor or to those who just simply type at their personal computer on a daily basis.  Below are some high risk jobs:

  • Manual Labor – carpentry, etc.
  • Process or Piece Work – sewing, packing, etc.
  • Office Work – working with clerical duties that include typing


RSI can strike the tendons and muscles of the hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, back and fingers of a worker.  The feeling of pain, numbness, swelling, weakness and limitation of the movement with the tendons are among some of the symptoms.

Preventive Measures

The design or set up of the workplace can contribute to RSI.  The employer, for the benefit and comfort of the employees, can change the furniture and equipment and rearrange the office set up so that employees can avoid RSI.  Employees should have scheduled work breaks to stretch out a bit.  Practicing good posture can also help lessen your risk for RSI.

RSI Treatment at St. John

Talk to Dr. Keith Pitchford for an examination and diagnosis of your symptoms.  Repetitive movements in your daily work and your poor awkward postures are the main contributor for RSI. If despite changing your work setup you are still experiencing some of the symptoms, Dr. Pitchford can assist you with the effective RSI treatment for you.

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