If you’ve ever suffered a shoulder injury, especially to your rotator cuff, you know the pain and discomfort involved – and you need the full function of your shoulders and arms in almost all sports activities.

  • Rotator cuff Injuries are any injury to the muscles and tendons of your rotator cuff.
  • Your rotator cuff is comprised of a set of four muscles and tendons near the head of your humerus, one of the three bones that make up your shoulder. It connects your arm and your shoulder and helps you to lift, move and rotate your arm.
  • Your rotator cuff ensures that your arm remains in your shoulder socket, making it vitally important to your daily activities.

Types: There are two types of rotator cuff injuries:

  1. An acute tear, which is a result of an injury, heavy lifting or falling on your outstretched arm.
  2. A degenerative tear, which is the result of wear and tear or aging. Formation of bone spurs can also cause degenerative tears.

Symptoms: Most patients experience shoulder pain during sleep when weight is put on their shoulder. Pain may be present when lifting or from certain motions of your arm. You may also experience a crackling sensation when you move your shoulder.

Treatment: Before treatment, your shoulder will be examined and tested for range of motion and tenderness. We may also recommend an x-ray, MRI or ultrasound. Treatment is aimed at controlling pain and getting your shoulder back to normal.

Typical treatments in St. John include:

  • Tendonitis – Which is treated non-surgically with medications, rest and physical therapy.
  • A partial tear of the cuff – Which may be treated surgically, depending on the seriousness of the tear, or with physical therapy or steroid injections.
  • An acute, full thickness tear of the cuff – This type of injury, where the muscles are separated into two parts, generally requires repair through arthroscopic surgery.

Continued use of your shoulder when you have a rotator cuff injury can make the condition worse. Call for an appointment, today: (219) 696-6353.