Being good with your chosen sport requires substantial amount of dedication, patience and time to hone certain skills. In every sport, there are particular fitness components that you should improved on. It is usually never the same fitness component set in each sporting field.

The fitness components are defined as “qualities that athletes must develop to physically prepare for sport competition”. This is the reason why training programs are designed in sports in order to build these components – in correct proportions that match the necessity of each sport.

Health vs. Performance

Simply put, the term “physical fitness” is the ability to perform with ease certain physical activities. The components of physical fitness are generally divided into health-related and performance-related ones. The health-related components include endurance, flexibility, cardio, strength, and body composition. On the other hand, these are considered as performance-related: agility, power, balance, speed, and coordination. To become a performing athlete, it is ideal to have certain combination of both the performance- and health-related components.

It is best to seek guidance from your physical fitness trainer about the proper combination for your particular sport, and the methods of achieving your level of physical fitness. For instance, strength-endurance is good in rowing while endurance and power are necessary for boxing. Moreover, be mindful of other aspects as you go deep into training for your sports fitness component. Never neglect your nutritional needs and don’t be careless with injuries.

Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers treatments to various sports-induced injuries that may hamper your overall performance, as well as proper guidance on other aspects of sports medicine for both elite and casual athletes. The treatment and rehabilitation services include injuries affecting torn ACL’s, meniscal injuries, rotator cuff tears, and total joint replacements. Injury treatment aside, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Keith Pitchford and his team of physiotherapists and fitness experts put emphasis on the value of being proactive as an essential to their approach.

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