More and more we seem to be seeing patients that are injured while wearing high heels. As heels grow higher and more popular in women’s everyday fashion, injuries are also becoming more popular.

One of the most common injuries associated with high heel wearing is a stress fracture. As your toes point downward in your heels, intense pressure is placed on the ball of your foot causing the opportunity for small breaks. You can avoid these injuries by wearing shoes with a wider base.

Another common injury experienced by high heel wearers are ankle sprains due to falls or inexperienced wear. It is very difficult to take steps to avoid these injuries – other than to be careful when walking in your heels and limit your time in them. Also consider wearing pumps with lower or wider heels.

Other lesser known injuries from heel wearing include toenail deformities and bunions. Heels very commonly cause your toenails to become crowded into the end of your shoes, in a downward formation. Excessive time in high heels can cause deformities but also nail fungus. By wearing open toe heels you reduce your chances of developing these toe injuries.

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