Whether you’ve experienced a recent injury to your shoulder or are just experiencing pain from overuse it is important to not only seek professional treatment for your shoulder pain but also to understand the underlying cause of your pain. By understanding what is causing your pain you not only help alleviate the pain but also avoid future injury or pain.

Shoulder pain can come from your muscles or from your actual shoulder joint. Including the following sources:

  • Rotator cuff injuries and damage to the rotator cuff tendon.

  • Pain within the subacromial bursa. This often comes from overuse and sports injuries.

  • Rehabilitation after a dislocation.

In order to relieve the pain of these types of shoulder injuries it is first and foremost recommended that you visit your physician for a complete evaluation. In addition to a treatment plan prescribed by your physician, the following tips may be helpful in recovering from your shoulder pain.

  • Active rest. Continue to move your shoulder as needed but stop short of heavy lifting, sports and household activities such as cleaning gutters or painting that cause you to raise your arms above your head.

  • Apply ice to the site of your pain regularly.

  • Take ibuprofen or naproxen to reduce the inflammation in your shoulder.

  • Conduct mild, range of motion exercises like arm circles, only if cleared through your doctor or physical therapist.

  • Move on to using resistance bands for arm and shoulder exercises as well as light hand weights once cleared by your physician to do so. Aerobic exercise is also often helpful, as it stimulates blood flow throughout your body and can help heal injuries.