What is it about walking – that meditative, repetitive movement that takes you anywhere you choose to go. It’s the solitude…or the companionship…it’s the very best way to move your body at any and every age, and that’s a fact. Its body-healthy benefits are touted in every health and fitness magazine and consistently online.

For many people, access to special equipment or gym memberships are not an option. And for others, simply being outside beats any sweaty gym experience. There is no special equipment needed, other than a good pair of walking shoes, sunscreen and perhaps a hat. Of course, adding your favorite tunes or listening to a best seller is always an option. Just think of all the books you could “read” this year while walking your favorite route!

Walking with a “team” of buddies, consistently, is a proven way to get yourself out of bed in the morning. For those of you who live where you experience all seasons, winter may mean walking indoors at the mall or around the track at your local senior center.

A brisk walk-a-day just can’t be beat. You should aim for 30 minutes of brisk walking, at least five days a week. (A dog can definitely help with that). If you want to purchase a fitness tracker to keep tabs on your time and “steps,” most trackers recommend 10,000 steps a day. Now think about that. It’s not that hard if you get up and walk away from your desk for a few minutes every hour, take the stairs, and park your car farther away from your office building. Add in your morning or evening 30-minutes…building up to 60 minutes if you can…and Bingo – before you know it, you’ve walked those 10,000 steps.

We recommend you keep moving, keep up with your exercise routine, whatever it may be, and walk. We are here to help if you become injured and need surgery or physical therapy. But really, we want you to work toward maintaining your GOOD health…every day. Put a smile in your steps then…and keep on striding!