Our feet…definite workhorses…they take us places…they allow us to dance and run and play. But ouch! If you are wearing the wrong shoes for the activity you are engaging in, you may be in a world of hurt.

The perfect shoes – the right shoes – help you jump higher, run faster, work longer, and most importantly, avoid injury. They provide the firm foundation for your active body. Choose your shoes carefully, armed with knowledge.

Take them on a “test run” inside the store – When you are physically active, your feet become a bit larger because of the increased circulation. It’s true: shoes that are comfortable when you’ve been sitting at your desk all day could be too tight when you’re jogging or playing basketball. Make sure your shoes fit well when you try them on…but to really know how they’ll work, try to go for a walk or jog before you go shopping for them, wear the kind of socks you would normally wear, comfortably lace up the shoes and walk around the store for a few minutes.

Running shoes are for running – Different physical activities require different types of shoes. When you are hiking you need sturdy, stiffer and even waterproof shoes or boots. But when you are running, you need flexible, lighter weight shoes. Walking shoes have the support you need for walking. Sandals are the perfect footwear for a day at the beach but not for working out at the gym.

• Invest in shoes that are suited to the physical activities you’ll be doing.

• For peak performance and to avoid injury, use different pairs of shoes for each activity.

• Your feet will thank you and your shoes will last longer.

Shop at a the store designed for your activity and talk to a shoe professional – If you have flat arches, weak ankles, or feet that roll to the inside or outside (pronation) tell the salesperson. The shape of your feet and the way you walk will partially determine which shoes are best for you and the activity you choose.

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