Our hands are one of the things that identify us as human. They are complex and amazing and essential for the many things we do on a daily basis…self-care, writing, eating, working with tools, typing…to name but a few.

When our hands are not able to function as they should because of an injury, disease, repetitive stress or congenital conditions, a specialized approach to occupational hand therapy is called for.

At Great Lakes Orthopedic, one of the therapies we focus on is the art and science of the rehabilitation of the hand – called “hand therapy” – which merges physical and occupational therapy in practice and theory and is specifically designed to assist patients dealing with issues compromising the use of their hands.
For example, musicians commonly experience repetitive motion issues. They strive for excellence in their craft and need to return to playing as quickly as possible. Because our team is trained in in-depth physiology and anatomy, we are able to provide specific evaluation and therapies for them.

  • We are proud of our hand therapists and confident in their skills. They will work with you, the patient, and with your referring physician to treat repetitive motion disorder (carpal tunnel syndrome), nerve and tendon injuries and crushing injuries.
  • Our therapists will help you to reclaim your range of motion and strength and can create manual therapies that simulate your work environment.
  • Additionally, if you suffer from arthritis and it is affecting your hands, we will work to alleviate the symptoms through specialized exercises.
  • We pair our efforts closely with hand surgeons to ensure a continuity of care and a team approach to the treatment of all hand conditions.

If you are suffering from any issue with the mobility or use of your hands, call us to schedule a consultation. We will evaluate your strength, range of motion and coordination, as well as assess your ability to perform the activities of daily life. We can also prepare unique, individualized home exercise programs to partner with our in-office treatments.

We look forward to meeting you! Whether you are in St. John, Crown Point or Lowell, give us a call, today.