Patients of all ages and athletic experiences may eventually require a hip repair to maintain their optimal health and mobility.  Whether you’re aging and simply cannot get around as easily as you once could, have experienced a trauma or sports injury or suffer from a developmental condition – Great Lakes Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is ready to assist you in getting back to your old self again.

A hip repair is a surgical procedure that repairs your broken hip. Many patients may not realize that a broken hip is in fact a life-threatening condition. This is especially true in older patients.  If left untreated, a broken hip can affect other systems of your health, leading to dangerous complications.

One of the telltale signs of needing a hip repair is pain in the hip area.  Fracture pain typically begins in the groin area and the upper thighs.  You may find walking very difficult – despite the fact that the pain does not begin directly in your hip. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to visit our office for an x-ray right away.

There are two different types of hip repair available for those patients that need the surgery. One involves using metal screws or pins to reposition the bones at the top of your femur that attach to the hipbone. Another type of surgery available, when more than one bone has been damaged, involves using a metal plate to repair the hip. If these two procedures are not effective options for a patient, your surgeon may recommend a full hip replacement.

If you are experiencing pain that may be due to a hip injury it is important to visit our office right away. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.