During the recent snowstorm, I took an unfortunate fall on some black ice and did some damage to my foot and ankle. The day staff in the ER — doctors, nurses, and residents — were great. What stood out for me was the unbelievable patient care that I received from our new orthopedist, Dr. David A. Halsey. From initial exam (which was incredibly painful due to nerve damage), to going above and beyond to make sure that I had a properly fitted boot, as well as a follow-up appointment at Mass. General with a foot trauma specialist, your doctor is the representation of how patient care should be. In today’s day and age, where most often in a health care setting you are not seen promptly, or attentively, it was a surprising breath of fresh air to encounter a physician with the attitude that your doctor demonstrated to me. He truly went above and beyond what has become “normal” patient care to be sure that I was diagnosed properly with appropriate follow-up. I hope the Island realizes what a gem your doctor is, and how unbelievably lucky the we are to have him practicing here. So please join me in saying, Welcome, your doctor! – Ariana Felberg Aquinnah