Running is a simple sport that can effectively deliver fitness benefits but sometimes runners will suffer some overuse injuries.  Injuries sustained from running can be treated at Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, P.C.  The team of Dr. Keith Pitchford provides categorized sports medicine that can effectively treat athletic injuries that include its prevention.

There is a lot of advice from running coaches on how to run a race free from overuse injuries.  Overuse injuries are not caused by an accident or external force but by the result of many hours and miles of running.  Running long miles regularly at some faster paces as a preparation for races can result in overuse injuries.  However, there are some useful tips that can be useful for runners to avoid overuse injuries:

  • Take a Break – chill out for recovery with your running schedules in preparation for a race.  Take a day off so that your muscles can recover.
  • Workout – either at the gym or in your living room.  Do some core strengthening exercises such as planks, pushups, pull ups and squats.
  • Warm Up – do some stretching, massage before the run and other warm up exercises to prepare yourself and your muscles for the race.
  • Right Running Shoes – choose the appropriate shoes that offer the best support and fit well to your feet.
  • Listen to your Body – stop if it hurts or if there are any warning signs
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Eat a Good Diet

Running injuries are common to runners because of the trauma to your muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Injuries sustained from overtraining or after a long mileage or hours of race can finally seek the aid of a sports doctor in St. John.  Keep in touch with Dr. Keith Pitchford for your complete rehabilitation and treatment for the sustained injuries.

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