Foam rollers are growing in popularity for runners, athletes and everyday people. Simply put a foam roller allows you to use your own body weight to massage your muscles. Foam rollers are inexpensive and easy to use.

However, if you are about to use a foam roller for the first time it is important to realize that it may hurt. While you can control the speed and level of pressure applied to your muscles while rolling, it can still be painful.

Foam rolling improves your blood circulation to both the skin and the muscles, leading to better cell function. A roller can also loosen your tight muscles and prevent future injury, especially when used regularly after workouts. Finally, foam rollers can be remarkable tools for eliminating muscle soreness after exercise.

Luckily foam rollers are inexpensive and easy to buy in your local sporting goods store or online. If you suffer from chronic sore muscles or are avoiding a new workout routine because of potential soreness – consider foam rolling today.