As parents there are so many questions and issues to be concerned about. We all know that exercise and physical activity is great for our children. It allows them to be social, maintain a healthy weight and even burn off some energy. However more and more regularly we are being asked how much exercise is too much for children?

Honestly, the answer depends on your child. It is important to watch your child and look for signs of exhaustion or potential injury. It can also be helpful to explain to your child why exercise is important but stress to them the signs of exhaustion and when to take a break.

In order to protect your child from an overuse injury, allow them to take at lease one day off a week from sports or other intense physical exercise. You should also make sure your child has all of the necessary protect gear when participating in sports. This includes pads, mouth guards and the proper shoes and helmets. Encourage your child to stretch, drink lots of water and even take regular breaks.

It is universally recommended that children and adolescents six years of age and older have 60 minutes a day of physical activity. Contact our office for additional guidance and answers to your questions today.